Apple Varieties 


  • Connel RedA delicious, red, eating, & pie apple 
  • CortlandA bright red, crisp, juicy, excellent eating, & pie apple 
  • FiresideExcellent, red, eating apple 
  • HaralsonTart, juicy, eating & pie apple 
  • HaralredSweeter than the Haralson, tart, juicy, eating & pie apple gala.jpg
  • Honey Gold: Golden, yellow-green apple with a red brush, eating, & pie apple 
  • Honey Crisp: Crisp, juicy, & exceptionally sweet eating & pie apple 
  • JonathonRed, Sweet, crisp, & juicy, good for desert & cooking 
  • McintoshRed, good commercial apple 
  • Paula Red: Red blush with yellow ground color. Great for sauce, pies, & eating fresh 
  • RegentRed, crisp, juicy apple, good for eating, cooking, & desert 
  • Red CortlandExcellent eating and pie apple 
  • Sweet Sixteen: A red, striped, crisp, juicy apple. Good for eating & piess